📲 Add Spot widgets to your iPhone

(iOS only) Price, NFTs, crypto news widgets, right on your home screen!

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Our price, NFTs and curated crypto news widgets are awesome to get a sense of the market and your NFTs at a glance, even when you did not (yet!) open Spot today. Here is a detailed guide on adding those widgets to your iPhone home screen.


  • You can have as many Spot price widgets as you want! This way you can follow the price of different cryptos at the same time.

  • Price and NFT widgets come in different sizes.

  • Spot crypto news widget automatically refreshes as time passes so you always get up-to-date stories.

Add the price or news widget guide

1. Hover on the Spot icon in your home screen and tap on the Edit Home Screen button in the contextual menu that opens.

2. Tap on the Plus icon (+) in the upper left corner of the screen.

3. Tap on Spot in the widget selector.

4. Select the widget you want (Price or News) and tap on Add Widget at the bottom.

5. There you go!

Change the crypto in the price widget

1. Hover on the widget already on your home screen. Tap "Edit Widget".

2. Select another crypto in the contextual menu that opens.

3. You're good to go! All crypto supported by Spot can be set on the widget.

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