🥞 Earn interest on your Tezos

Learn how to activate your Tezos (XTZ) interest account

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Tezos interest account is launching imminently on iOS. Coming soon to our Android app!

🤔 What is the Tezos interest account?

Your Tezos interest account is a simple way to grow your Tezos (XTZ) balance over time. You will be provided with a yearly variable interest rate and periodic XTZ interests.

  • Activate your interest account within the app with a few taps.

  • Once it is activated, nothing else to do, besides earning! Wait until new tezzies (the Tezos base unit — that was the culture moment) appear in your wallet.

  • Yearly interest rate varies and is shown in app so you can check it regularly.

  • All the Tezos in your wallet are eligible for earning interest. If you receive or purchase more Tezos, those will automatically count for interest.

  • Your Tezos are never blocked. Send anytime.

✅ How to activate

Open Spot and tap on the Tezos section. Tap on Earn interest on your Tezos or on the interest rate. Then, follow the instructions to activate your interest account.

Tap on this button to start earning interest on the Tezos in your Spot wallet.

Note that you will have to pay some fees to the Tezos network to activate your interest account. Those will be shown before activation, and are NOT paid to Spot.

As soon as your Tezos interest account is activated, you will see when the next interest will be paid.

My Tezos interest account was activated on August 30. I've earned my first interest yesterday. My next interest will be paid in two days.

In the Tezos details of my Spot wallet, I can see the current yearly interest rate applied.

🙈 Can I still use my Tezos wallet while earning interest?

✨ Short answer: of course!

  • You can 📤 send, 📥 receive and 💳 purchase Tezos while earning interest on it. Your Tezos are never blocked.

  • But this gets even better: if you purchase or receive Tezos and your interest account is activated, you will automatically 💰 earn interest on it!

⏳ When will my interest be paid?

You will receive your first interest 40 days after activating your Tezos interest account.

Then, your interests are paid every 3 days after the first interest (approximately).

🤯 How does this work?

This will get a little technical 🤓 your Spot interest account is powered by Tezos built-in staking technology, in partnership with Chorus.one. Through a process called delegation, at the heart of Tezos consensus mechanism, you earn periodic rewards on your Tezos, without your crypto being accessible to anyone else.

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