Why is there a fee for sending crypto?

Network (miner) fees explained. Also applies to Sell and Convert.

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Spot does not charge a direct fee when you send crypto from your wallet.

There are however Network fees that need to be paid in order to process the transaction.

🌐 What are Network fees?

Network fees (also called miner fees) are mandatory fees to process transactions or other crypto interactions.

They are paid to a cryptocurrency network (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum).

Those fees depend on the current state of the network.

👉 Network fees are never paid to Spot.

⏳ When a lot of people are sending & trading the same crypto at the same time, network fees can be very high and transactions can also take more time than usual to arrive.


💸 When sending crypto, you will be able to adjust those Network fees and choose between ⚡️ Express (faster but more expensive) and 🚲 Eco mode (slower but cheaper). The Network fees you will pay are displayed before you send.


🏦 When selling your crypto, Network fees also apply as they need to be sent to the buyer (provider) before being converted into another currency (USD, EURO...) or crypto.


🔄 When converting one crypto to another, Network fees also apply as the crypto you want to trade is first sent from your wallet then the new crypto to be received is then sent to your wallet. In this case Network fees are paid twice.

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