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🧞‍♂️ How to restore your wallet
🧞‍♂️ How to restore your wallet

Restore your Spot wallet with a cloud or a manual backup

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If you have made a purchase via Spot or if you had funds in Spot, then you were forced to perform a backup of your wallet.
It was either a ☁️ cloud backup as recommended or a ✍️ manual backup (a recovery phrase with 12 words that you had to write down).

☁️ Cloud backup

If you had performed a ☁️ cloud backup, you will automatically be asked if you want to restore your wallet when you launch Spot.

☑️ You have to make sure you are connected with the same iCloud account/Google account that was used when the cloud backup was made.

☑️ You will need the PIN code you used to protect your wallet when you preformed the cloud backup the first time.

✍️ Manual backup

If you had performed a ✍️ manual backup, go the the Account tab of the app then Security then in the section Manual backup tap on "Restore old wallet".

You will then be able to enter your 12-words recovery phrase to recover your wallet.

☑️ You might have to perform a manual backup of the current wallet before being able to restore your old wallet.

🚨 You should never share your 12-words recovery phrase with anyone and we will never ask you to share it with us. The recovery phrase contains your cryptocurrencies and the right to spend them.

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