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Sending mode: ⚡️ Express or 🚲 Eco?
Sending mode: ⚡️ Express or 🚲 Eco?

Express → super fast but more expensive. Eco → MUCH slower, but cheaper.

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Hello, when you send crypto with Spot you can choose between two modes for the Network fees: ⚡️ Express or 🚲 Eco.

⚡️ Express mode: it's very fast (usually a few minutes) but it costs more.
🚲 Eco mode: it's much slower (up to a few hours) but it's also cheaper.

The Network fees you will pay are displayed before you send.

👉 Network fees are paid to a cryptocurrency network (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum). Those fees are mandatory fees to process transactions or other crypto interactions. Those fees depend on the current state of the network.

👉 Those Network fees are never paid to Spot.

🚨 When a lot of people are sending & trading the same crypto at the same time, network fees can be very high and transactions can also take more time than usual to arrive.

If you are in a hurry please use the Express mode as we cannot "accelerate" transactions once they are sent (for now).

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