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🔐 Backup your wallet
🔐 Backup your wallet

Ensure the safety of your funds with our ☁️ cloud or ✍️ manual backup

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In Spot, only you have control of your funds. For this reason, making a backup of your account is crucial so you keep your funds safe.

Creating an account backup is mandatory as soon as you have cryptocurrencies in your wallet. You can either do a cloud backup or a manuel backup—or both.

Using the ☁️ cloud backup

Spot cloud backup follows you on iCloud (on iOS devices) and Smart Lock (on Android devices). With this backup and your Spot PIN code, you can access your account on any new device, provided you are connected to the same iCloud or Google account. It's convenient and easy to setup.

Our cloud backup system uses advanced cryptography to ensure that neither us nor Apple nor Google have access to your funds. Only you do.

Performing a ✍️ manual backup

The manual backup gives you a way to store your backup in a safe place, and access your funds on any new device. You will be shown your 12-word recovery phrase. We recommend you write it down on a piece of paper that you store in a safe place, or store it in a password manager that you can access in the case you lose your phone.

🚨 You should never share your 12-words recovery phrase with anyone and we will never ask you to share it with us. The recovery phrase contains your cryptocurrencies and the right to spend them.

👉 If you encounter any issue while creating your backup (may it be cloud or manual), please contact our support.

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