How to send cryptos

Sending cryptos anywhere in the 🌎 & anytime using Spot

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Follow those steps in order to send cryptos anywhere you want, to any person or service that is compatible and accepts this particular crypto (another crypto wallet, an exchange, a merchant...).

🚨 Only send cryptos to trusted third-parties: it is not possible to reverse a cryptocurrency transaction.

First, tap on the crypto you want to send.

Second, tap on the upward pointing arrow in the top-right corner.

Then, enter the amount you want to send in dollar/euro or other fiat currency (USD/EUR...) or in crypto (BTC, ETH...)

Send to a merchant, exchange platform, other wallet...

You can send cryptos to any crypto wallet with this option (merchant, exchange platform, someone else...). Paste the address or scan the QR Code and you're good to go!

Note that the fees from the associated blockchain are compulsory fees imposed by the network in order to process the transactions. The fees are not taken by Spot.

You're all set! 😎

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