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How to receive crypto in your Spot wallet

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You can easily receive crypto from anywhere by using your the corresponding crypto receive address.

Each blockchain has a different associated receive address.

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum & Ethereum tokens (also called ERC-20)

  • Polygon & Polygon-based tokens (ERC-20 on Polygon)

  • Solana & Solana-based tokens (SPL tokens)

  • Tezos

Find my receive addresses

There are two ways to find a receive address for a crypto in Spot.

1) Via the crypto detail page

2) Via the account page

1) Go to the Home tab of Spot, tap on the desired crypto then tap on the downward arrow ⬇️ in the top-right of the screen.

2) Go to the Account tab and tap on the QR Code button on the top-left of the screen.

Then, tap on the crypto you want to receive.

🚨 Do not send a crypto to your Spot wallet that is not supported.

How to use my receive addresses

Your receive addresses are informations you can share to others. It is a way to securely receive crypto. No one besides you will be able to access your crypto with your receive address.

You can copy your receive address, or share it.

Incoming transactions

When someone sends bitcoins to your Spot wallet, you will see an incoming pending transaction. This means that the transaction has been sent but is not yet delivered.

🚨 Beware the fact the transaction is labelled pending does not mean that it will be delivered with certainty. You need to wait until the transaction is confirmed (Received) to be sure it is on your wallet. If you are conducting a transaction, it should NOT be considered final unless it is in the delivered state.


My Bitcoin address changed! What is happening?

Your Bitcoin address will change every time you receive funds. But do not worry, it is still linked to your Spot wallet! Creating a new address for each transaction helps to improve your privacy.

Note that your Bitcoin receive addresses always start by 3 in Spot.

Can I send Bitcoin multiple times to the same receive address?

Yes, but it is better to always open Spot when you need to receive bitcoins on your wallet, as you will have a new generated address if Spot detects it needs to be changed.


Ethereum tokens (also called ERC-20 tokens) are tokens that live on the Ethereum blockchain. The same Ethereum receive address is used to receive Ethereum and tokens (like USDT, USDC, LINK, MANA etc.)


Polygon tokens (also called Polygon ERC-20 tokens) are tokens that live on the Polygon blockchain. The same Polygon receive address is used to receive Polygon and tokens.


Solana tokens (also called SPL tokens) are tokens that live on the Solana blockchain. The same Solana receive address is used to receive Solana and tokens.

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